Vintage Jewelry Redefined


Although a lot of my focus has been on the vintage clothing that my grandma had, she also left me quite a few pieces of really unique jewelry pieces. The pieces range from things such as rings and bracelets, to vintage watches and pins! Some of the pieces were not in the best condition and others I wasn’t even sure what they were.

That’s why I was so glad when I was introduced to Jane from JB Jewels and realized it was the perfect opportunity to go through the jewelry and find out what some of the pieces are, what was real, and how we can fix them.

As you may know if you’ve read my Etsy Shop’s ABOUT page, my grandma is extremely special to me… and this jewelry was very special to her. I really wanted to revive them and store them safely and maybe wear some pieces. While going through the jewelry pieces, Jane helped understand what each piece was and even helped me see some of them in a very different way.

I wanted to highlight one of the pieces that Jane helped me redesign: the vintage pocket watch fob chain. The chain is connected to a pocket watch and was used to help hold the watch by being connected to the pants. I actually had a few of these pocket watch FOB chains that weren’t in ideal condition and as soon as Jane saw them, she immediately had the idea of a necklace!

One thing that is so on-trend right now are chokers, not sure if you’ve noticed. They are literally everywhere and in so many different styles. When Jane said necklace – my brain immediately went to CHOKER! A metal themed gold vintage watch FOB as a choker! I was pumped.

Jane helped me turn two watch FOBs into two much more modern and exceptionally unique chokers. If you want to re-create the look, you can scoop a vintage chain here or shop some cool chokers below:









Booties: Sam Edelman / Blanket Scarf: H&M (similar) / Jeans: N/A / Shirt: Zara / Nail Polish: Essie – “Power Clutch” / Jewelry: Vintage choker + Rocksbox (try 1 month free with code ANDREABFF410)


*Photos by Hai.
In collaboration with JB Jewels.