What Christmas Means to Me

Sweater: H&M / Hair Ribbons: Anthropologie / Booties: Steve Madden

I’m going to start off by saying I love Christmas. There’s something about this holiday that fills the everyone with joy and hope, from the music to the decorations. It’s also a peaceful time as things start to slow down. While I’m not religious, it is truly is one of my favorite holidays.

Christmas for me

Christmas has always been a little difficult for me. One of the earliest Christmas memories I have, was when my family (my mom, my brother and I) were living in a homeless shelter. I was probably about 6 years old and the shelter had arranged a trip for everyone staying there to go to Toys“R”Us. Every family had a budget to spend on toys. This was an amazing feeling for me, that we could really go and get whatever we wanted! Lots of the families got a bunch of smaller toys. My mom suggested we use the credit to get something big and we got a video-game like system.

This is just one of the examples of one of my Christmases. Other times included going to a Church or some other community organization where we would get donated generic gifts from someone dressed up as Santa.I always wanted to be able to give back in a way like this to other people and to give the feeling of joy for Christmas.

Growing Up

In middle school, when everyone would wake up on Christmas morning and ask “What did you get?!” on AIM, I always dreaded the question. I didn’t really get much. However, I still loved the holiday. In high school, I would wrap random little things around my room (deck of cards, etc.) because I love wrapping gifts and how they look wrapped.

Once I started working, I started to get my own gifts for myself. Really #TreatYoself. It was nice to be able to do this. I also got a big Christmas tree for our home and stocked up on tons of decorations for the tree. From then on, a Christmas tree was always important to me.

When I moved to NYC for college, I got a table top tree and wrapped things around my dorm room. The next year when I moved out to an apartment, I made it a tradition to always get a beautiful tree for my apartment (rotating between real and artificial every year- this year is artificial!).

My favorite part of Christmas is also the presents. I love looking at wrapped gifts, opening gifts, and watching other people open gifts. As a blogger, a lot has now changed and I now get gifts on the regular. Great gifts, too! It truly is amazing and I am SO grateful every day.


For this year, I thought I’d do something a little different. I want to share gifts with YOU all so you can experience the joy, too! Here’s how it will work…..

For the 5 days leading up to the Christmas, I will be doing a series of giveaways. I partnered with some of my favorite brands that I sincerely do love and have worked with in the past. Starting today and continuing for the next 4 days, I will announce what the day’s giveaway is on my IG stories (@prettyproperquaint).

The giveaway rules will be simple:
1. Follow me on Instagram
2. Follow the brand of the giveaway on Instagram
3. Comment on this blog post (include your IG handle) with what you want to win and share either your favorite part about the holidays or a holiday past time with me.

I will announce the winner the next day on IG stories – so stay tuned!. Once I announce the winner, the winner will provide their information (sizing/etc) that way it is unique to you! I’m excited to hear some of your stories and excited to share some really great gifts!

12/20/18: DUFFY CASHMERE SWEATER (THIS SWEATER or THIS SWEATER)- I love this brand SO much. I really never had a cashmere sweater before and this brand completely spoiled me. They are SO soft and SO warm and I love the colors they come in. See me wearing the sweater HERE, HERE, and HERE. Winner gets to pick the color and size you like! *giveaway closed*
12/21/18: 2 BAUBLEBAR GIFT SETS (THIS ONE and THIS ONE) – I am such a big fan of Baublebar! I have a bunch of their earrings and gifted the earrings as gifts to so many friends/family last year for Christmas. They make the best gifts and add an element of sparkle to any outfit! *giveaway closed*
12/22/18: STONE AND STRAND DIAMOND RING – I recently had the pleasure of getting my ear pierced with one of the gorgeous Stone and Strand North Star stud earring. When I was in the shop to get my piercing, this ring immediately stood out to me and I was obsessed. It then occurred to me that this would be a great gift idea for one of my giveaways so one of you can have it! *giveaway closed*
12/23/18: NIRVANNA DESIGNS, 2 HATS AND 1 INFINITY SCARF– This is one of my fave brands ever. During the Winter, I pretty much wear one of these hats every day. They are literally the warmest hats ever. You need these- so I’m giving some away!