What I’m Shopping…

For the latest Trending post, I wanted to share some new trends that I’m thinking of introducing into my closet + looks. While I am shopping these latest looks, I wanted to share my inspiration, best places to find these items, and a few of my picks from each trend.

White Jeans

ASOS is a great way to break into this trend. They offer so many different styles at varying price points. I’m still deciding if I want to stick with the classic skinny jeans, more of a boyfriend-fit, or get Rachel Zoe-inspired with some flare leg styles.

I picked some cute styles to start the White Jeans search:

Colorful Running Sneakers

My workout attire is pretty much all black/grey (including my shoes) + I think it’d be super cute to add some color! A lot of people have been wearing Yeezy boosts lately but not only are these shoes out of my price range but they aren’t as colorful as I would like. Nike has a lot of really cute sneakers that are customizable and DSW always has some great options (see HERE + HERE) and I usually always have a coupon!

See some of my picks below (bonus plus if there’s florals):


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