Before Going to a Rooftop Movie in NYC {Office Ops}

Top: Urban Outfitters / Jeans: Zara (similar) / Shoes: Soludos (similar)

Seeing a rooftop movie is a quintessential summer thing to do, not to mention the perfect date night. The other day I went to my first rooftop movie at OfficeOps and wanted to share some quick tips I learned from my experience.

OfficeOps is located in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn and is a quick subway ride via the L. The venue is only 2 blocks from the L train and since it is Brooklyn, there are SO many cute wall murals to take photos in front of!!

After you walk up about 5 flights of stairs, you come to this rooftop that has an amazing view of the NYC skyline right at sunset. Depending on which ticket you got, you get either individual lawn chairs (prefer) or a two-seater lawn chair (“Love Seat”). In addition, they give you noise cancelling headphones so your movie doesn’t get interrupted with the sounds of New York (or the audience’s chip bags).

Now that you have a sense of the overall vibe, here are my tips!


This is definitely tip numero uno. We originally were going to go out to eat before the movie, but what’s good about this rooftop is that you can bring legit a full picnic (because there are picnic tables there) and eat your food there. There is popcorn and soft drinks available, but definitely recommend bringing your own food (and wine). Preferably food that is more handheld is ideal for this spot: think burrito/tacos, sushi, sandwich, or pizza. Roberta’s Pizza is right around the corner (for all you PIZZA fanatics) and is so easy to pick up and head over. Don’t forget to pack a bottle of wine or some beers and get comfortable.


This gives you a chance to pick good seats! Since there are no assigned seats, you have the option to select your own seats when you get there. You can sit as close or as far from the screen as you like. Getting there early also gives you time to take advance of the amazing NYC skyline view (more photo ops) and get started on your meal. You can either setup shop and snack at your seats, or save your seats and eat at one of the picnic tables.


As the sun sets, it definitely gets significantly colder, especially if you’re falling asleep (which is totally OK!). Bring a blanket that is big enough for two chairs so you can still snuggle up, even if you have two individual chairs.


While the whole area surrounding this spot is legit a photo-opp (hello beautiful mural walls in Brooklyn), you are going to see a movie. You’re going to be sitting for a while so wear something that you can straight chill in. To be cute AND comfy, wear a super comfy WILDFOX SET (like THIS, THIS, THIS or THISTHIS). To keep warm, a hoodie is a great idea to throw in the bag in case you do get cold. WILDFOX SWEATSHIRTS are some of the softest I’ve ever felt. Plus – if you’re anything like me, you may just fall asleep.

Here are some of my picks for upcoming movies at OfficeOps:
August 14 – Donnie Darko
August 25 – Manhattan
September 1 – Thirteen
September 13 – Jurassic Park
September 15 – Moonlight
September 22 – The Godfather

*Movie screenings are also available at YOTEL in NYC.
See the full lineup for both venues HERE.