When It Seems the Universe is Against You – Continue Anyway

Top: Victoria’s Secret (similar) / Shorts: Aritzia / Hat: Adidas via Six:02

I have been so lucky in my life in so many aspects, but a lot of it has come from hard work and dedication. Hard work, surprisingly, can be the easier of the two because having dedication to something is what is truly challenging. You need to constantly remind yourself that this is what you want and that you will do everything you can to get it.

The beginning can be difficult to ultimately decide if you would want to put in the work required to get what it is what you want. But once you get over that hump, the rest is just that easy hard work stuff I mentioned earlier. 😉

I wanted to share something that I’ve been recently struggling with.

First: Deciding What You Want

For a while I have been struggling with where I want to take my blog. I have been torn between the decision to continue to post or just stopping all together. There was a time where for a year straight I would publish a new blog post, twice a week. Between that and my full-time job, it was a lot of work… not to mention pressure. I finally decided that it was OK to ease some of the pressure and not to post twice a week.

Slowly as the pressure shifted, so did my posts. I started posting less on not only my blog, but also on my Instagram. (There was a time where I would post 3 times a day, everyday on my Instagram; refer to the interview in my bio). However, during that time I may have been living less in the moment and putting a ton of focus on my blog work. I was constantly ‘engaging’ on Instagram and was always needing to take photos for my blog posts. There’s nothing wrong with this, but I needed a break.

Lately, my ‘living in the moment’ has increased dramatically and I’ve been having so much fun without the constant pressure! However- the pressure that once existed for always trying to create content, now came in the form of anxiety for me not posting content. My engagement was slowing and this caused me even more anxiety. Isn’t life strange how it works?

ANYWAY- here I am, trying to find a healthy balance between living in the moment and doing my blog work. After reflecting and speaking with some friends, I noticed that what I ultimately needed to do was to DECIDE: Am I going to continue to work on my blog or not. Another piece of advice was, are you doing this because you like it or for the likes?

I decided that I will continue to work on my blog because it is something that I truly love!

Overcoming the Hurdles

However, then it was like once I decided that this is what I want to do, the universe decided to test me. I have been having so much trouble with Instagram for the past week.

First, my photos weren’t showing up in the hashtags that I was tagging on the photo. This is extremely important as it’s a great way to get discovered by new users and get new followers (let alone, more likes). This made me so sad (I even reported this to Instagram), so I had to figure out a way around this. Because remember, I had already decided that my blog/Instagram is something that I wanted to do. I went into major strategy mode and was exploring other ways to grow. The thing with Instagram is that it’s always changing and you really need to be abreast of all the changes and adjust accordingly.

As I started majorly engaging, trying to get my content out there and grow- I got blocked from liking anything. At all. For 2 days. (still currently blocked). What do you do when you’ve finally decided what you want, but it seems as if everything in the universe is working against you? Go get it anyway.

Remembering Why You’re Doing This

Look- This is really about my blog (the only thing that I truly have control over). While Instagram is a great tool to help grow your audience, Instagram is a third-party application and they can really do whatever they want, whenever they want… for however long they want.

I’m going to still continue to post on my blog and share my outfits and opinions. I also have two other Instagram accounts (my photography page and Nala’s page) and this gives me an opportunity to continue to grow them. There are so many aspects of blogging that I enjoy (writing, styling, shooting photos); and I’m not going to let anything stand in the way of what makes me happy.



*Photos by Michael