Why my “Staycation” was so Necessary

Recently I took a week + a half off of work. Where did I go? Nowhere. I took a ‘staycation’ at home.

Let me tell you how amazing this is. First, it provides you with an opportunity to explore (or ‘vacation’) in your own city. Second, you now have all the time to do the things you would do if you weren’t always working. Or maybe the ability to explore what you would do if you were say, retired. It’s basically like pretending you’re retired. (AMAZING).

One big thing for me was to be able to have more time to dedicate to my blog. I wanted to develop more content, work on more relationships and collaborations, and be more active in the blog community. Besides, ever since my little ‘staycation’ – I can see a direct correlation between the amount of time I’m able to dedicate to this and the level of engagement of my audience.

I also got to spend time doing things that I really enjoy such as exploring new areas, taking pictures, and hanging out with Nala. One of the days I ventured to downtown Brooklyn (+ took Nala) to explore some of the sights. It was such a sunny day, I had to stop at Brooklyn Bridge Park to grab some pasta and wine.

Another great part about a staycation is that you don’t need to feel obligated to do anything. Look at it is an extended weekend, if you just want to chill for a while – just relax. For me, I immediately got my hair done and then spent the first few days doing a lot of relaxing. I was also finding myself always trying to catch the sunset at Riverside Park, every evening. (There’s also a dog run there, so it worked out perfectly).




Oh and Nala also had a great time on the Staycation..






life-adventure-selfie(follow on snapchat: awitzdree)

Finally – something else I was exploring was where I wanted to stay living, whether in Manhattan or Brooklyn or Long Island. An original plan was actually look at apartments, but honestly after my free time I really enjoyed where I am and decided I’m going to stay here for a little while longer.

Next time you have some time off, you should try exploring where you live and doing the things you’d love to do if you just had more time!


*Top photo by Nataliya of Style Tomes