You Need A Wicker Bag for Summer

Dress: Intermix / Bag: Free People / Shoes: M4D3

When you think of summer, doesn’t your mind just go to picnics and then right to wicker bags? During my trip in Paris, I also saw these wicker bags all over! There were small shops that had some really cute bags that I now regret not getting.

Every brand is making them, from small brands on Etsy to more higher end brands like Prada and Kate Spade. I have a personal soft spot for crossbody bags, but these wicker bags come in different styles from small totes and crossbody bags to large totes you can take to the beach!

Since wicker bags are usually tan or black, they literallyyy go with everything! They go perfect with a sundress or romper for that quintessential summer outfit (a vacation MUST HAVE). However, I’ve also seen girls carrying these bags in Paris with a classic all black look- which gives it a fun contrast with the wicker accessory.

You really can’t go wrong with this trend. My recommendation would be to pick a style that looks best for you and don’t feel the need to splurge on a bag; there are plenty of options at different price points. My personal faves are this little box bag with a hint of pink and of course any round bag is a winner.

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