Combat Boots Styled in a Girly Way

I am obsessed with these combat boots. When I saw them in white – I knew they were like something that I personally hadn’t seen before and fell in love. Lately, I have been loving all-white clothing, accessories, and shoes – and these boots were no exception.

Styling my new combat boots:

When I buy a new piece, I like to make sure I can style at least 3 outfits with it. Combat boots are, by nature, very masculine. I knew immediately that I wanted to style them with my fave pair of white jeans to really have these boots blend in. Then I had to think of a top to finish off the look, something that would really POP. This pink sweater was the perfect POP I was looking for.

Something I have been really trying to do is to wear more of the things in my closet (I know I’ve spoken about this before). This includes getting rid of pieces I don’t wear anymore. Also only adding pieces that are either classic and timeless, or that I will wear over and over again. I do think these SW white combat boots will stay with me in my closet for a while as a timeless piece.

I look forward to styling them with day dresses and with sweatpants when I travel. Since they are super comfortable (I wore them for 4 hours walking around Soho the first time I wore them out), I feel like I can wear them so many places.

Shop my outfit (+similiar items) below:

Since it is still freezing in NYC, I did actually walk around with a coat and a beanie on. Honestly, the boots looked still so chic with my coat on – I couldn’t decide which outfit I liked better. What do you think?

Watch my FULL unboxing + review below:

PS: they also come in tons of colors (see below) to add either the POP to your outfit or to help blend right in. Shop them here!