We Canceled Our Wedding

Picture this, you’ve planned a full wedding, down to every detail, with only a few last decisions to be made. Then, a pandemic hits, and all of society comes to a halt.

Thankfully we are safe and healthy- and we want to make sure our family and friends are kept healthy. To ensure this, we made the decision to cancel our big event-filled weekend. Instead, we will do something small, just the two of us.

Our Original Wedding Day

Our original wedding date was scheduled for today: May 30, 2020. We did lots of research to decide on this date. We visited many different venues to find out which venue would be perfect for us and ultimately decided we would get married in New Hope, PA. The venue was beautiful, located on a golf course with far-reaching sights. Close to my fiance’s family, New Hope is the cutest little town to host all of our wedding weekend activities.

We planned it all: a welcome drink reception for our out of town guests, an intimate family rehearsal dinner, a wedding after-party, and a farewell brunch the next day. The planning was completed for where we would be staying, how we would get our guests around, the design of the ceremony, the deserts, and the takeaway meal for our guests. We also had dresses for our little flower girls and my best friends all purchased.

I may never wear my wedding dress. If you followed my journey, you know I had a big focus on my wedding dress. Since I am a fashion blogger, and someone who is obsessed with clothes to a fault; this should not be a surprise. There is an option of saving the dress for the future or you can sell the dress. I wasn’t sure (and am still deciding) if I want to wear my dress for photos or if I want to sell my dress brand new. I have since listed my dress for sale on Still White, a site that I found takes the smallest amount of commission for selling your dress (they only charge a listing fee and you keep the sale proceeds). Also, they are offering a discount on the listing fee.

To Consider

Some things to consider when canceling a wedding, even when it’s completely out of your control.

  • You might not get your deposit back. There were so many vendors that did not give our deposit back. Thankfully, there were some that did and for those businesses, I am forever grateful and will never forget their kindness during these trying times. This also plays a big part for me when thinking about using them again in the future.
  • My wedding shoes? I could sell them, but still unsure. They are pretty fancy and I’m not sure how I feel about wearing them for other events.
  • Seeing people celebrate their wedding anniversaries with pictures from their big day hurts a little bit more than I thought it would.
  • Changing your wedding website and sending out cancellation cards to all your guests. What do you say? There’s really no right way to say it. Stay true to your feelings.
  • Your guests will be just as sad as you are that the wedding is canceled. They are your loved ones for a reason and they were also looking forward to celebrating your amazing nuptials. Once you may have moved on slightly from the inevitable, your guests may still be sad.
  • It’s OK to send multiple ‘change the date’ or ‘cancellation’ cards. We tried to postpone our big day and sent out ‘change the date’ cards. Then we decided to cancel all together and send out cancellation cards. Your guests will understand.

Love Prevails

We decided not to let COVID-19 stand in the way of our love and have scheduled a virtual civil ceremony with New York City, which was established by an Executive Order. Our upcoming ceremony is something that has kept us hopeful on this hard day.

In the future and when it is safe for all, we will have a celebration with all of our family and friends. While it will look different than what we originally envisioned, it will be still full of love. We look forward to that time. <3